- Poore Family Homestead - Stewartstown, NH

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Colebrook 5th grade
visiting the Poore Farm on Monday 9-27-99

The Poore Family Foundation for North Country Conservancy

RFD#1 Box 328 A

Colebrook, New Hampshire, 03576

(603) 237-5500

Museum Hours 

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NH Historical Society Award Will Help Preserve Farm... THE POORE FAMILY FOUNDATION NCC RECEIVES $10,500 GRANT - Click here to learn more!

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Board of Directors:
Rick Johnsen E-mail:
John Lanctot
Mark Winer
Winston Young
Janice Kaufman
Martin Kaufman
The Poore Family Farm is on route 145 in Stewartstown, New Hampshire.   If you're northbound on route 3, turn right by Howard's Restaurant onto route 145. It will be about a 7 mile drive. Look for it on the left. If you're going south on route 3, turn left onto route 145 on the south end of Pittsburg.   

May 5, 1999
Dear Friend,
Thank you for visiting the Poore Family Homestead, Historic Farm Museum. J.C.Kennith Poore's last wish of turning his, 175 year old, family settlement into a museum is now a reality!
Our fourth annual open barn was held this past July 1998. Last year we were open six consecutive weekend, from July 1st to mid August. We had a great response from the public with over 2000 visitors from around the country stopping by to enjoy our exhibits. This is a one hundred percent increase over the prior year. The Board of Directors is again hard at work, along with friends and volunteers, making plans for the summer of 1999. We hope that you can find time to stop by this year for our fifth annual open barn and celebration this July 4th weekend. As usual there will be free birthday cake and lemonade for all. We will also be open for 120 consecutive days starting June 1st through Sept. 30th. Weekdays will have limited hours and extended hours on the weekends. You can also visit us on our internet web-site at any time.
In the summer of 1998 we enjoyed the labor of the Northeast Multi-services students at the farm. These seventeen local high school students, under the guidance of myself and Eugene Reed, contributed greatly to the furtherance of our goal to reclaim the Poore Family Farm. We were able to supervise these students due to a grant from the Northern New Hampshire Foundation, a division of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation. In addition, some of these funds were used to cover transportation and building supplies needed by the Canaan, Vermont High School's Building Trades students who are continuing their work.
We are proud to announce that our Congressman Charles F Bass has nominated the Poore Family Foundation NCC for The 1999 National Award for Museum Service ! This recognition is awarded yearly by the Institute of Museum and Library Services, (1100 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington, D.C. 20506). Congressman Bass has taken a special interest in "this historic jewel in New Hampshire's Great North Woods". He is truly one of our champions, and has offered us his full support.
I am writing to you now because the Poore Homestead needs your help. In order to continue the success we have enjoyed, and to encourage other charitable grants, it is important that we demonstrate a commitment on the part of our community and supporters like yourself. This year's extensive 120 day season, programs and projects will require an estimated $24,500.oo in donations and grants. PLEASE GIVE GENEROUSLY to the Poore Family Foundation. Of course we gratefully accept any contribution. All donations are tax deductible.
We will also be in need of volunteers. Vacationing students to retirees can assist with a variety of museum duties including that of a docent, (tour guide).
Thank you again for your continued support of this most worthy project. We look forward to seeing you at our fifth annual open barn over the fourth of July weekend or at another of our planned openings this summer. "Pack a picnic lunch and stay a spell."
Until then, we shall be working to prepare additional displays and continuing our restoration efforts.


RJ/mjw Rick Johnsen, President
Poore Family Foundation
Board of Directors
The Poore Family Foundation For
North Country Conservancy
1998 Year End Report

The Board of Directors of The Poore Family Foundation for North Country Conservancy are pleased to announce that 1998 was a year of many rewarding accomplishments. Among the highlights are:
1. Our fourth annual Open Barn and Celebration was held over the Fourth of July weekend. Celebrating the birth of J.C. Kenneth Poore ( July 5-1885 ), the founder of the Poore Family Foundation for NCC, and the last Poore desendant.
2. For the first time we were open six consecutive weekends in July and August.
3. Opened the "living room exhibit" which was viewed through the front window of the house.
4. Over 2000 people visited the museum , from near and far.
5. The old family loom was again featured at the Open Barn and Dottie Jane Amey created a new fabric on it.
6. We received our third grant from the Northern N.H. Charitable Foundation, this one was for $9,000.00.
7. Eugene Reid and his team of Canaan High School students continued to work on the Utility/Reclamation shed, and other projects at the farm.
8. Work continued with: cataloging, sorting artifacts, new exhibits were considered and displayed, like the Spanish American War, centennial display (1898 to 1998), and restoring the house roof to cedar shingles.
9. Volunteer and "head gardener" Sini Foskett, planted a prennial garden that bloomed with original period flowers.
10. Warren Hawes of Lancaster has resigned from his volunteer duty as ground's keeper. His exemplary service will be sorely missed. (HELP IS NEEDED!!)
11. The Weber family brought their oxen to the open barn ,for the forth year, for our special fund raising event. .
12. Terry Knowles, Registrar of Charitable Trusts for the State of New Hampshire, visited us again and continues to be of great support. Terry and her husband Craig, come up from Concord every year since we have been open to the public.
13. Worked with Stewartstown Student Summer Jobs Program every weekday for six weeks in July and August.
14. Congressman Charles F. Bass of NH was an honored guest along with other elected officials, dignitaries, and Poore Family Foundation members to our first anual fund raising picnic. Musicians Patric Ross and Roland Cotnoir played along with others.
15. 31 new members signed up for 1998.
16. Received our first Benefactor level donation of $5000.oo, from Lawrence Kadish of Old Westbury, N.Y.
17. The lower level of the small, 1840s, (sheep) barn was completely cleaned out by the Stewartstown Student Summer Jobs Program team. After clearing out approx. 20 cu yards of sheep manure, we could see that this barn was originally used for the oxen, some 125 years earlier. These 17 students also did extensive clearing around many of the out buildings, including the ice house, the play house,the hops barn, the hog barn, extensive clearing of the trails, cut and cleared around many apple trees, cleared trees and brush from fields, and helped clean to prepare for our open weekends.
18. Americorp lent us a hand on June 12th. Twelve Americorps members worked at the farm: gardening, cleaning, mowing, preparing for our opening and cleaned out refuse from the small 1840s barn grainery.
19. Linda Tase and Janice Kaufman prepared the horse stable as a display on the second level of the barn.
20. The kitchen was displayed with more original artifacts.
21. Established a web-site, compliments of Ed Sanders:
22. Janice Kaufman and Martin Kaufman have added greatly through their participation as new Directors.
23. Special thanks to our former directors: J.C.Kenneth Poore, Brian Hicks, Marguerite (Rusty) Wiswell, John Amey, and Peter Foskett.
The activities and achievements of 1998 are a clear indicator of the energy that each board member, volunteer, student and friend have brought to the continued success of this exciting and challenging project. A special thanks to our volunteers: Karen Bunnel, Brenda Paquette, Mike Arsenault, Jamie Gilbert, Blake Johnsen, James DeMars, Jake Weber and Warren Haus.
We eagerly look forward to the summer of 1999. The Poore Family Homestead is a unique and worthy cause that gives something back to each individual who is involved, and adds to the area a sense of history and community.
The Board of Directors: Rick Johnsen Mark Winer Janice Kaufman John Lanctot Winston Young Martin Kaufman

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Copyright 1998, 1999, 2000 by Ed Sanders and Rick Johnsen.