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Here are some photos of a lady who joined our club recently. (See below) She is one of about half a dozen severely handicapped riders we have in our club and if I can I will try to gather pictures of them as well. We have a great number of senior citizens who aren't severely handicapped but definitely are restricted from having access to the gated areas that the State of New Hampshire and large companies like Champion Int. own. One of the ways I have in mind of getting access to some of the private land that is gated against public access is to get the message out to the public and make them aware of the huge tax breaks that the rest of us taxpayers in New Hampshire are allowing these companies to enjoy while they are land locking us from areas we have formerly been allowed to recreate on.
This is copied directly from the most recent Comparison of Forest Land Assessment Ranges sheet that was put out by the Current Use Board. 1999 figures
White Pine $55 - $103 Hardwood $15 - $33 All Other $40 - $81
These figures are the assessed value per acre that the large companies are getting. When they are being valued at $15 to $33 per acre and your town's tax rate is about $30 per thousand that means that they are paying fifty cents to a dollar per acre for tax on a hardwood lot. The last time I checked my tax bill on my farm, it was not this generous, is yours? How do we get this message to the people?

This is a comment from the webmaster (Ed Sanders): The folks a DRED seem to be having a problem making a decision to allow the use of a few trails up in the Nash Stream area. Rumor has it they are terrified of being sued by environmental groups.

The ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) is quite specific about handicapped access. If there was ever a lawsuit waiting to happen, it's the locking out of folks with disabilities from experiencing the Great North Woods.

I've spent a lot of time hiking around the Nash Stream area and on Champion lands. I have no interest in getting an ATV. However, that doesn't mean I don't think others shouldn't have the right to do so.
There are plenty of logging roads in the Great North Woods that would make excellent trails for folks to enjoy on OHRVs. People who aren't as spry as the rest of us would have a chance to enjoy the outdoors and see some of the back country.

Have you heard the ads on the radio from a certain organization of voters with disabilities? They arean't going to "take it any more". Let's get with it in Concord!

Hmmmm. Maybe it's about time DRED was forced (sued) to provide wheelchair ramps for OHRV access at all trail heads. And ALL hiking trails should be closed as they are NOT useable by people who have disabilities. Perhaps allow ONLY OHRV and snowmobile trails as these are the the ONLY trails that can ever hope of compliance with the ADA. The Presidential primary is heating up, what an issue! (Just a few thoughts from the keyboard banging webmaster).

Click here or on the picture to see how she gets on the ATV and read her story.

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ATV Riding in Northern New Hampshire

YES!!! There is ATV LIFE in the North Country. The North Country ATV Club is actively trying to expand our trail system to keep you busy this coming season with new trails to explore and enjoy. We are now maintaining about fifty miles of connecting trails and look to expand greatly this early spring.


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