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Some people think we have four seasons here. Well, maybe. Here's a list of our real seasons, and what it's like then:


Begins any time from September to December. Ends any time from March to June. Temperatures sometimes reach 40 degrees below zero for a week or two. Usually a warm period, called a January thaw, sometime in January. Snow fall varies from none, to eyeball deep to a moose. (8 feet).

A good time to ski, snow-shoe, snowmobile, ice-fish, ice-skate, or just sit by the fire and read or get on the Internet. :) Now we have internet access via NCIA (North Country Internet Access) with local numbers covering most of the North Country. If you move here or stay for a while, perhaps you'd like to get an acount with them. 603-752-1250.

Maple Sugaring Season

Usually starts in March, sometimes late February. This is an event well worth travelling to see. Look for info on sugar houses and sugaring.

Mud Season

Starts in March or April, ends when the dirt roads solidify. As the snow melts, and ice thaws in, and under roads, some ashphalt roads become roller-coasters, and dirt roads turn into a thick soup. People start wearing their mud boots, which are any old pair of boots that can easily be removed at the door. If you want a free roller coaster ride, come on up and drive around. I heard a guy on WDEV radio from Vermont telling folks they could go for a drive and enjoy Olympic Road Moguls!

Black Fly Season

Comes right on the heels of mud season. People wear bug nets over wide-brimmed hats to keep the flies out of mouths, eyes, and noses. Moose, who don't have bug nets go crazy.

Mud and black fly seasons are what keep the northern parts of Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont sparsely populated!

Come on up to enjoy the lack of crowds. Stay indoors or wear a bug net and spray on some bug dope. (Bugs need to eat too, you know)!


Temperatures can reach 100 degrees F., can be humid too. The nights can be cooler than down south for better sleeping.


Usually warm days, and cool nights. Often we have an Indian summer in the late fall with warm weather. The leaves on the trees change to brilliant colors, which are well worth coming to see.

Foliage Report - (in fall only) (off site)

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If you arrived here stuck in someone else's frames...use this link to break free!
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