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Moose (Scientific name, Monsterous Cardestroyerous)

Northern New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine is the place to come to see real wild moose!

You will probably find more pictures of moose in more different situations and poses here than anywhere else on the web! Have fun! (Some folks at a university e-mailed me thinking I hate moose from what they saw here. Nope. I like the beasts, just not through my windshield!

Hopefully what you will learn here will help you keep one out of yours. Hopefully the pictures of moose killed by contact with vehicles will motivate you to do everything in your power to avoid an accident involving one. Then tour the rest of the site to see more of the Great North Woods.

Ok folks! I finally have what you've been waiting for!

Over that last couple of years many of you have been zapping me e-mails asking where to get moose heads, moose antlers, etc. Your wait is over!

You'll be drooling all over your keyboard after clicking to Moose River Lake and Lodge Store! Now get out your checkbook, cash, buried gold, credit cards and wampum and get to the store before they are sold out!

(Scroll below as per normal to see more moose stuff)

I guess I'd better explain more in depth why many of the pictures of dead moose and the results of crashes with cars and trucks are here.

This web site is about reality. Every living creature, tree, insect and even microbe on this earth has a life span. That means that it, and we are going to die, cease to live, in this plane, the physical world as we know it.

The goal here is to reduce the chance that you or other humans will be injured or die in a collision with a moose.

Another goal is to keep moose from being killed with no positive result as in a collision with a vehicle.

It is worth coming to the Great North Woods to see these magnificant beasts, you just want to know what to look for to hopefully avoid hitting them.

Moose History

How a moose looks from your car at night

Moose Standing

Moose Running

Moose Personality - 1

Moose Personality - 2

Moose Wandering in a Field - 1

Moose Wandering in a Field - 2

Moose swimming

Moose Antlers

Moose in a Wallow by Route 3 in Whitefield

Moose Wallows

Moose Statues

Moose Heads

New pictures as I take them

Moose in the road getting a drink

You will also see moose after folks who were lucky enough to win the lottery and bag one. If the moose herd is allowed to grow beyond what the area can suport, several bad things happen. When you have too many moose in a given area a brain worm parasite spreads through the herd. The moose that get it endure a terrible, slow death. Too many moose in an area also drive the deer from that section of forest, destroying the species diversity.

Practical, common sense hunting of moose helps ensure that at least some moose are harvested (just as the meat in your burger, steak, chicken, etc.) in a way that makes practical use of the meat.

You are now forewarned. If you can't deal with reality, if you prefer to bury your head in the sand and ingnore the truth of life and death on this earth, hit your back key and leave.

Life for real animals in the wild is harsh. That is reality.

If you are offended, frightened, and ignorant of the life and death process that all living things go through, go to the Disney site or some other fantasy land.

If you've been to a school or college in the last few years you have been indoctrinated to celebrate and tolerate other cultures. If you are offended by REAL pictures or moose or anyting else, just remember that folks who understand life, reality, hunting, etc., are of a culture different from yours. Please celebrate and tolerate it just as you would any other.

Remember that your teachers and professors have taught you that those who don't tolerate other cultures, customs, etc., are bigots.
You are again forwarned. Continue on only if you are a realist or at least can deal with truth. If you aren't predjudiced about other cultures, if you have an open mind, you can learn. If you're tolerant, welcome in!

If you click on any of the other sections here, and don't comprehend properly what you see, well, I'm sorry for you. Those of us who grew up working on farms and in the country, hunting, fishing, skinning, gutting, and preserving food know what's real.

Quebec truck front smashed by a moose

Dead Moose

Full sized van wrecked by a moose

Chevy pickup moose hit

Death caused by a moose

Moose Hunting

Cars after hitting moose

Links to other sites with moose info and pictures

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If you arrived here stuck in someone else's frames...use this link to break free!

E-Mail: edsanders@edsanders.com

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