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Speech on Smart Growth

Thanks to Volunteers and Progress Report

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The vision for Lancaster is to integrate old traditions with new ideas which enhance our economy and offer the residents and visitors retail, dining, cultural and recreational opportunities within the context of a traditional New England village.

Lancaster Main Street presents some excellent opportunities for business. Busy routes 2 and 3 join for a mile through Lancaster creating great traffic flow to tap for business income. Route 2 is the major artery from central and northern Maine and the eastern provinces of Canada to Vermont and upstate New York. Route 3 runs the length of New Hampshire and connects the eastern townships of Quebec and the recreation areas of the northern Great North Woods to southern New England.

Main Street Director, Gina Hamilton (603) 788-2476. E-Mail: lancmainst@connriver.net can help you with the information you need to develop a successful enterprise on Lancaster's Main Street.

There is a particularly interesting parcel that may be available for the right business development right in the middle of Lancaster. This is the location of the former Lancaster Diner and the former Lancaster Fruit and Deli, both of which burned a few years ago. It has been all cleaned up now and awaits someone with vision to take advantage of this excellent location. It would be a great spot to place a new diner. Click here to go to Aurore M. Hood, CRS, GRI, Licensed in NH and VT REALTOR - Associated with Peter W. Powell Real Estate who is handling it. There is apparently a serious buyer looking at it, so you may or may or may not be in time! (As of 12/02/98)

There are a few other business locations for rent or sale on Main Street. Vail's Jewelry store looks like it will be available soon with the retirement of the present owners. The Hideway Dress Shop will also be up for grabs as the owner has decided to retire to

Lancaster Main Street Goals



Our new Director Gina Hamilton seems to be doing very, very well. She's
digging right into organizing and committee work and enjoying it.

We all should also be very heartened by last weeks' Selectman's meeting and
newspapers. Both were dominated with positve Main Street and Main Street
related projects:

1) The Selectman signed the paperwork to receive the $80,000 interpretative
center/information booth grant that Mollie procured for the community and
that committee's work is moving along well. This project should, I
believe, be one of Gina's top priorities. It's potential as a "traffic
stopper" and beacon for future development is enormous.

2) The announcement of Gina's hiring was warmly received by The Selectmen
and received it's own full article in several area papers.

3) Donna Brewster brought a sample of some beautiful large flower boxes to
the Selectman's meeting that are being built virtually for free and will be
placed along Main Street by our Main Street Design Committee. The
Selectman gave their enthusiastic approval.

4) The Lancaster Phoenix Group (who bought the Diner lot and which had
it's genesis in the Main Street Program) met and worked out a
public/private partnership deal with the Selectman (who except for our own
Linda Hutchins were honestly not huge fans of the horse sculpture) that
will lead to the grassing over of the entire space. The horse by the way is
quite a traffic stopper and continues to get raves.

5) The Phoenix Group and Tri-County Cap have formed a working group that
will prominately include Main Street along with North Country Council, The
Town Of Lancaster, and others to develop a building on the three lots. The
building will include first floor retail space, the CAP offices and store,
and Head Start Program, and low income housing on the third floor. It
would only be a slight exaggeration to say that a number of State and
Federal agencies are falling all over themselves to help fund the project.

6) Dean Walts announced that he will be bringing a free "Concert On The
River" to Lancaster on Sunday August 8th with John Cafferty & The Beaver
Brown Band (who have sold 5 Million records in their career.) This project
is designed to draw some attention to out downtown, give the merchants a
boost, and via some VIP seating raise money for the Main Street Program
River Walk Project. I will be asking your permission for Main Street's
direct involvement at The Board meeting .and we will need volunteers.

7) Planning for the July 31st Street Fair is going very well thanks to Jean
Tenny and her crew.volunteers are needed there as well.

On top of that there are too many other projects in the works to mention
here from the Riverwalk to a new Lancaster brochure to tree planting....So
the next time that someone asks, "What are those troublemakers in the Main
Street Program doing?" - we certainly have a lot to tell them and be proud

I firmly believe that these projects would never be happening if together
we had not created a strong, staffed, central organization to help
coordinate the efforts of so many wonderful volunteers. I thank-you
immensely for those efforts.

Again, thank-you ALL for your amazing efforts, and I look forward to seeing
you on Wednesday, July 7th.


ph 603.586.7171
fax 603.586.7068
PO Box 31
Lancaster, NH 03584

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On September, 24, 1998, Joshua Bloom, program Associate for the National Main Street Center came to our local Main Street program to help with promotional ideas. Click to: this section to see what ideas came about.

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E-Mail: lancmainst@connriver.net