Groveton Fish & Game Club Inc.
PO Box 1
Groveton, NH 03582-0001

Dedicated to responsible firearms ownership and use since the 1920s

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 Groveton Fish and Game Club Sign Groveton, New Hampshire, USA, North Road, shooting range .

The Groveton Fish & Game club is located on Lost Nation Road in Groveton, NH.

Directions from RT-3 / RT-110 intersection in Groveton:

Turn right on Lost Nation Road and proceed about 3 miles. The range will be on your right.

Directions from Page Hill Road:

Turn left on Lost Nation Road and proceed for about 2 miles. The range will be on your left.


First a word about our range equipment:

In the past couple of years, we have suffered vandalism and deliberate damage to equipment and range facilities. Every member can and should help us combat vandalism of range equipment, by again reporting anything they may have witnessed to a club officer or director. All members have the duty to ask anyone they see damaging equipment or behaving in an unsafe manner to leave the range. We ask that you report this to a range officer who will treat all reports confidentially.
Lastly, after opening the main gate or red shed, please scramble the combination to prevent unauthorized users from gaining access. Unauthorized range users are stealing from every member who pays for their membership.

Officers are elected every even year.
Directors are elected every odd year.

Groveton Fish & Game Club Officers

April 3 - 2014

Leo Rideout - President - Lancaster, New Hampshire 603-788-2951

Jack Bowen - Lancaster, NH - Vice President - 603-788-3948 -

Bob Pivin - Groveton, NH - Treasurer - 603-636-2454 -

Charlie Duursema - Lancaster, NH - Secretary - 603-788-2667 -
Groveton Fish & Game Club Board of Directors

John Regan  Lancaster, NH   603-788-2535
Ray Ruskowski  Groveton, NH   603-636-2043
Robert Akesson  Groveton, NH   603-636-2931
Jon Hunt  Guildhall, VT   802-328-2418

The Groveton Fish & Game Club, Inc. is a private club.
Club membership is open to anyone who can legally own firearms.
Our membership is presently about 170 members strong in 2007.
The Club was founded in the 1920’s and incorporated in the late 1950’s.

Annual Memberships:
Single $35, Family $40
Available during business hours at:
Perras Ace, RT-3 Northumberland, NH
Groveton Pit Stop, Rt-3 & RT-110 Groveton, NH
Caron's Stove Shop, RT-3 Lancaster

NRA membership is encouraged.

Whether you are a new member or are renewing your membership, you will be issued a membership
card for your wallet and a membership badge to be worn at all times when on the Club’s property.

Club membership is valid for a full calendar year from January 1st to December 31st.


These events are scheduled at the Groveton Fish & Game Club's range

4H Shooting Sports
2nd & 4th Saturdays, May through September, 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM
Contact:  Kurt Hall, 603-837-2829

Sporting Clays Clean-Up Day
Monday, April 28, 2014  9:00 AM
Sporting Clays
Wednesdays, May through September, at 4:00 PM, weather permitting
A $12 entry fee is required
Members and non-members are all welcome
Contact:  Jon Hunt, 802-328-2418

Range Clean-Up Day
Saturday, May 17, 2014  9:00 AM
Saturday, August 30, 2014 9:00 AM
Volunteers clean up the range for the summer & fall

Kid's Fishing Derby
Sunday, June 01, 2014   10:00 AM
For kids ages 4 to 12  
Contact:  Ivan Shannon, 603-636-2358
  Karl Sawyer, 603-636-1251

Handgun & Bowling Pin Fun Shoot
Most Tuesdays at 1 PM, beginning in May
Contact:  Charlie Duursema, 603-788-2667, 6:00 to 9:00 PM 

Kid's 22 Shoot
Saturday, July 19, 2014  12:00 Noon
Contact:  Jon Hunt, 802-328-2418

Kid's Shotgun Shoot
Saturday, Aug 09, 2014  12:00 Noon
Contact:  John Regan, 603-788-2535

Rimfire 22 Rifle 200-Yard Fun Shoot
Saturday, Sept 20, 2014  12:00 Noon
Sight in beginning at 9 AM
Contact:  Charlie Duursema, 603-788-2667, 6:00 to 9:00 PM

Hunter Safety Range Day
September 06, 2014  8:00 AM to Noon
Contact:  Karl Sawyer, 603-636-1251

Running Deer Shoot
September   Date to be determined

All events are open to men, women and juniors (with a parent or guardian)

Annual Memberships:
Single $35, Family $40
Available at:
Perras Ace, RT-3 Northumberland, NH
Groveton Pit Stop, Rt-3 & RT-110 Groveton, NH
Caron's Stove Shop, RT-3 Lancaster


Target frames are available for members to use, or you may provide your own.

Targets are available in the red shed, and cost $1 each on our honor system, or you may provide your own.

Handgun Range: Up to 35-yards.

Rifle Range: 25, 50 and up to 100-yard range to the right, and a 200-yard range to the left.
There are presently eight ambidexterous shooting positions under cover.

Shotgun Range: This range is informal. Members may use the club’s trap or their own equipment.
This may only be used if no one is using the pistol range.

The Range has rules for safety that must be observed without exception.

Range Discipline
These range safety rules and regulations are designed to make our range as safe as possible and to safely and conveniently
accommodate as many of our range members as possible at any given time. All members have authority and the responsibility to
enforce these safety rules and regulations.

The Groveton Fish and Game Club, Inc. is not responsible for enforcing either State or Federal Firearms Laws. We urge any member
with questions about these laws to contact an attorney or law enforcement officer for this purpose.

General Range Use
* The range is open from 8:00 A.M. until sundown.

* With the exception of organized events or special club activities, the use of the range is restricted to members holding a range membership, and their guests. The range member must be present when his or her guests are using the range.

* All members are strongly encouraged to wear their badge in plain view and be able to produce their membership card when asked.

* The range on which an event is being held will be closed for that day to non-participants.

* No drugs or alcoholic beverages are permitted on club property at any time.

* No unarthorized ATV or snow machine use is permitted on club property at any time.

* Junior members (under age 16) must be supervised by a parent or guardian having full range privileges.

* All personal litter should be removed from range property. Spent cases must be picked up and placed in the trash barrels.

* Pets and children must be under the supervision of an adult, and are not permitted to run at will.

* For range safety, rifle shooters are encouraged to use an Empty Chamber Indicator when away from the shooting bench and when servicing targets downrange.

Mandatory Safety Rules For All Ranges

All safety rules and regulations must be strictly adhered to at all times, without exception.

Firearms and Ammunition Restrictions

* No fully automatic firearms are permitted.
* The use of firearms not designed to be fired from the shoulder or hand-held are prohibited.
* The use of tracer or incendiary ammunition is prohibited.
* The use of armor piercing ammunition on any steel target is prohibited.
* Rifles larger than .22 rimfire are not permitted on the pistol range.
* The use of centerfire rifle ammunition is not permitted on any steel pistol target.

Mandatory Safety Rules for All Ranges

* Firearms may be handled only when the firing line is ready (that is, when firing is permitted). NEVER handle a firearm during a cease-fire.
* If you handle a firearm when anyone is in front of the firing line you WILL be asked to leave the range property immediately.
* The muzzles of all firearms must be kept pointed downrange and toward the targets at all times or placed in the gun rack, with the breeches open.  
* Before shooters proceed forward of the firing line, the line must be made "safe"; that is, all firearms must be placed on a firing bench or placed in the gun rack, with the breeches open. The use of an Empty Chamber Indicator is recommended.
* When transporting a firearm to and from a firing bench, it must be unloaded and should be in a gun case.
* At all times, treat every firearm as if it were loaded.
* Targets representing ANY identifiable person are strictly forbidden.
* Any firing at glass bottles, wildlife or any other improper target is strictly prohibited.
* There will be no reckless rapid firing on any range.
* The wearing of hearing protection and proper eye protection is recommended for all shooters and anyone standing along the firing line.
* Firearms shall be loaded on the firing line only (except muzzleloaders).
* Shooting at signs is prohibited. Anyone found doing so will have their membership revoked.

Rules for the Handgun Range

* When loading a handgun, always keep it pointed downrange. Never point the gun to the side.
* Junior members (under age 21) are not permitted to fire handguns unless accompanied by a qualified instructor, parent or guardian who must be a current club member.
* Police barriers are not to be used as targets or target frames. 
Rules for Black Powder Firearms

* Only black powder or black powder substitutes may be used.
* No smoking within 8 feet of black powder.
* All loading will be done from pre-measured loads.
* Pre-measured, self-contained loads only may be used on the firing line.
* All capping and priming will be done on the firing line only.
* No duplex loads are to be used in muzzleloaders.
* All powder cans and horns must be kept closed and on the loading bench.
Join the Groveton Fish & Game Club
Print this membership card and complete it with your information.
Take it to Emerson Home Center or or Munce’s Konvenience, both located in Groveton, NH.
With payment of your annual membership dues, you will receive a new membership
card and a badge to be worn when on the club’s property.

Or, contact a club officer for a membership card and badge.

Click here for a printable membership card.

This card is to be used as an example.  Only if you live out of state and more than 100 miles away, may you complete the card and mail it to the club's PO Box. The secretary will complete a real card and return it with your badge by mail.

To be a valid member, this card must be completed in duplicate and signed by a club officer or director, with the yellow copy and dues presented to the club secretary for recording.
At the time it is completed, a badge will be provided to the member.
This badge is to be displayed when at the range.

When completing this membership card, PLEASE don't forget your e-mail address.

Annual Memberships:
Single $35, Family $40

Memberships are available during business hours at:
Perras Ace Hardware, RT-3 Northumberland, NH
Groveton Pit Stop, Rt-3 & RT-110 Groveton, NH
Caron's Stove Shop, RT-3 Lancaster

Join the NRA !
The NRA fights for your right to keep and bear arms.

Click on the NRA logo below

Link to NRA National Rifle Association Join Here section of web site.

Join the Gun Owners of New Hampshire – GO NH

Link to Gun Owners of New Hampshire web site to join and learn more about GONH.

Before the new roof was constructed in 2009.

After the new roof was completed, All work was done by several dedicated range members.
With a little luck, the old roof on the right will be replaced by one that connects to the new roof.
And wouldn’t four more of the new and popular ambidesterous shooting benches be nice?
This is only possible with your membership support, so please renew early and encourage your friends to do so, also.

200-yard steel plate targets

Your memberships allow us to improve the range for more to enjoy, so please renew early and encourage your friends to do so, as well.

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