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Click on the panorama or here to see a bigger version. Scroll down below for more pictures.

Black Powder!

Working on the railroad

Slippery getting a hug from one of the women folks...

As another draws a bead on a target.

Left to right: Sandy York, Tammy St. Cyr, Tammy and John Letson, With the Dalton Auxillary. The auxillary funds toys for tots and scholarships for Dalton Students.

Clothing vendor

On the right... A well equipped cowboy with a cart to hold his guns and ammo, cleaning kit, etc.


General Custer in uniform

The hombre standing in the rear is holding an electronic scoring device. I "hears" the shot and the hit or lack of a hit on the target as well as times the shooter.

The targets, such as this rotating one are made of T-3 steel. When hit by a bullet there is a loud "clang" to let the shooter and scoring device know there was a hit.

Most targets are stationary, but with this one, when one target is hit, it falls over, causing the other target to spin into view.

Only laed non-jacketed ammo is allowed so it will splatter rather than rochochet when it hits a target.

Guests are thoroughly instructed on safety and proper firearms handling...

And closely supervised as they shoot.

Some of the Verdant Vigilantes were traditional campers a couple of weeks before this shootout. Click here to check it out!

Here's the photo album of the Verdant Nigalantes shoot in Dalton, NH on May 29 and 30, 1999.

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