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Where to put your web site or ad?

Expandable Advertising! Wouldn't it be great if you could turn a business card, flyer, or black and white newspaper- ad into a full color, comprehensive promotion for your business? Loaded with full color pictures and even a 180 or 360 degree panorama of the inside or outside of your business - that folks could scroll around or zoom in on? The expansion from b&w print media- to full color pictures and text is as simple as placing an ad with full color pictures and text on Then you place the address for this on each and every business card, flyer and ad you presently use. The more different mediums people- see your message in, the greater chance they will remember your business and act. Your ad on is more than just an extension of your print promotion. Each business card or flyer at best will be seen by one person. The print ads have a greater reach, but seldom beyond the local area. Many of your future customers are looking on the internet for info about where to go on vacation - where to move and what to do in the area. Perhaps they have friends or relatives in the area, or came from the region themselves and are homesick for where they eventually hope to return.

e-mail: or 603-788-5135 or 636-1974

Where the world finds the YOU online!

Servers Aren't Just For Food for the Body Any More!

Ed had a web site on a local server for about a year and wasn't happy with the price in relation to the amount of info he could put on the site. That wasn't the worst of it though. People trying to access the site from elsewhere found it slow. This is because of the limited "bandwidth" of most servers. You are familiar with a phone line, you use one every day. There are different designations for multiples of phone lines. A T-1 line is approximately the equivalent of 125 phone lines. A T-3 line approximately the equivalent of 125 T-1 lines. The more lines, the greater "bandwidth". In other words more people are able to access a site on the server without things slowing down. If your site is on a server with just 1 or 2 T-1 lines and that server is also a provider for local customers to access the internet, the lines become clogged quickly and things slow down. In 1997 he decided to move his web sites to a different server. (He has somewhat of an inside track on some of the technology having been a secure communications technician in the USAF). He sought out and tested the fastest servers on the internet. After about 6 months of trials NTX appeared to be the best. Remember about the T-1 and T-3 lines? NTX has 35 T-3 lines! The server also ties directly into the networks of many large corporations and universities. This makes your pictures appear in an instant for folks at most corporations and universities!

Your Company's Perception To The Outside World:

Most people understand that their company's perception to the outside world depends heavily on how well their internet site performs. The following are some of the over 280,000 businesses and organizations who have decided to locate their web presence on NTX, where shunpike is located.: Oracle, The U.S. Marine Corps, The United Nations, The U.S. Navy, The Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Chevy Chase Bank, American Airlines, Anheuser- Busch, Inc., Air Alaska, Ford Motor Credit Company, Lucent Technologies, Intel, Hewlett Packard, Fuji Film, Inc., Blizzard Entertainment, Cornell University Medical College and the Better Business Council.

Do I want and ad or a web site?

In most cases an ad on is the most cost effective choice. This is cooperative advertising and promotion at its best. As all businesses advertising on the site begin placing the address to their ad on their business cards, brochures and print advertising, more people will find the site and browse around it. Chances are, a visitor will buy from more than just the business they found first. You get the benefit of a mall atmosphere for businesses combined with a library of info and a fairground of entertainment to attract customers. Take advantage of human nature! People don't want to travel to just one store or attraction. That's why malls are so successful. Whatever your business, you'll attract more people if they perceive there are other things to see, do and places to dine while on their trip. People like to travel to shop, dine, camp, etc. They want to have a little “adventure”. The message of many is to “shop at home”. This is trying to defy human nature. The folks here want to go elsewhere so they can have their adventure and brag about all the money they “saved” and the places they've been. There are only so many people in the your local area anyway. Would you rather market your business to a few people or the several million within a three hour drive and the millions beyond? There is a huge amount of disposable income just waiting to be spent during an “adventure” in your area.

If you decide you want a full blown web site, we can help you with that too, putting it on the same fast server our sites are on. We represent NTX, the server where all of our web sites are located. That's the NTX Operations center next:

Located in Santa Clara California, the "Heart Of Silicon Valley," this Internet Data Center has faster connections than any other facility in the world today.

Exodus Giga-Center Backbone Map:

These are the "Big Pipes." Internet connections are through fiber optic cable from multiple Telco providers such as MCI, PacBell, Sprint, TCG, ICG and MFS. The total bandwidth of this hub's connections equals 35 T-3 lines! This awesome connectivity assures your ad or site will have the fastest possible download speed, while eliminating single points of failure between your Web Site and the Internet. Speed and reliability is what this facility is all about. The NTX server hub locations are designed for nonstop Internet operation. A virtually endless stream of power through Redundant Power Management Systems (pictured next) keeps our servers operational 24 hours a day. Under this system all Web Servers, Routers and critical systems receive clean, conditioned power from the UPS batteries. This RPMS UPS system consists of multiple UPS that are maintained at a load not to exceed 75% so that in the event one fails the remainder can take on the load without exceeding capacity. The batteries are charged by either utility power or by a large on-premise backup generator (pictured next).

With over 250,000 domains hosted, NTX is by far the worlds largest website hosting service. Our new server center, the Exodus "GIGA-CENTER" in Santa Clara, California has more bandwidth coming out of it to the rest of the Internet than any other facility in the world, making it also the world's fastest web server.

NTX currently hosts websites from 107 countries, and EVERY CONTINENT (Yes... even sites from Antarctica). Our clients include large corporations and small businesses from around the world. We invite you to join our world wide family of satisfied, and successful, customers.

You can see the power and speed here... If you presently have a web site and want to move it to the fastest server in the world, contact us! or

Visitors to your site aren't going to wait around for it to appear on their screen if it's on a slow server. Wouldn't you like to give your message the greatest possible chance of being seen?

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Call 788-5135 or 636-1974 or better yet, e-mail at: or

to get started today with the most cost effective internet promotion of your business!

Ad Rates - (All rates per year from date placed on site)

An ad complete with as many pictures as seems right (but not more that 100 pictures), up to equivalent of 2 pages of double spaced text if we type it, e-mail links to you - $245 a year for Chamber members, $300 a year for non chamber members. (This "ad" will be bigger than many "web sites")! One picture, one screen full of text, e-mail links to you - $150 a year. One line prominent link with a banner to your present web site - not hosted by us and not on - $1000 per year. - it pays to switch to our server in more than one way!

Web Site Hosting

Service / Description

Setup / Monthly Charge

•Business Server •

•30MB Web Space

•Award winning Ultra-Fast UNIX servers

•Unlimited hits and 200MB /day! (6GB/mo)

•Optional SSL Secure Server Add-On Available

•Full FTP and Telnet access

•Your own /cgi-bin for Perl, C, JAVA

•Server Side Includes

•Unlimited email aliases
("Catch All" email)

•Free email forwarding service

•Web server access log
New Account: $60/setup
Domain Transfer: No setup fees

$29/mo quarterly billing

Add on Services

Service Description Setup Charge Monthly Charge
Reserve Your
Domain Name
Your domain name registered with InterNIC and Free "Under Construction" web site. InterNIC fees not included. $49 onetime NONE
Transfer Your
Domain Name
to NTX
We transfer your domain name from your current provider to NTX. Includes Free "Under Construction" web site. NONE if competitive move NONE
5 Streams (number of simultaneous connections).
2 MB of RealAudio server disk space
50 MB per day bandwidth allotment!
Upload RealAudio files via personal FTP account.
$25/setup $20/mo
Annual billing
Site Statistics
Detailed statistical analysis of all site traffic sample
Generate customizable reports anytime.
$99/setup NONE

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