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If you arrived here stuck in someone else's frames...use this link to break free!

I was trying to figure out what to write here, then Thomas Sweeny, BHS Web Team advisor happened along with an e-mail that asked just the right questions to get the ball rolling. Here they are and my responses with a few additions:

> Thank you for writing us and sharing your Great North Woods page with
> us.  You have done an excellent job and we would like to add a link to
> it from our BHS Home Page.  Could you please write us and tell us a bit
> about yourself and how you came to create such an informative page about
> our area.  

Well, I'm an 8th generation Vermonter, and 14th generation New Hampshireite. Three of the first eight settlers of New Hampshire were direct ancestors. To the best of my knowledge so far, six ancestors were on the Mayflower. Go to the genealogy section of my personal web site and you can follow it.

You might like to get involved in genealogy, it's a great way to study history. For resources go to:

How the "Tour Guide" came to be:

I've worked at General Electric Aircraft Engines in Hooksett, NH since 1987, commuting from Lancaster, NH. Folks at GE, and other people I met in my travels kept asking me where to go and what to do up here. I started compiling some info to give them. Even back then it was readily apparent how woefully inadequate the information available was.

All that ends up in those landfill fillers are attractions and services that generate enough money to afford the confiscatory advertising rates. It's not anyone's fault, just a matter of economics.

Adjectives! Did you ever notice that the literature and web sites promoting tourist traps all over the world seem to use the same gushy, sickly sweet adjectives? You could change the pictures and some of the text, leaving the same adjectives and describe about any place in the world. No running to the dictionary in search of synonyms for "magnificent", just what's here as I see it at the time.

Folks with businesses can get great exposure by advertising here. Think of as sort of a cross between a magazine going worldwide packed with content to draw readers, a TV station with color pictures on demand, and a newspaper with constant updates. is also sort of like a phone book, loaded with info, but if you want to stand out you have to advertise. (And for a LOT less than in the phone book, yet with worldwide exposure).

Poke around and look at what is here already, such as Mountain Lake Campground to get ideas for what can be done. I keep the prices low so everyone can afford it, and try to give the most "bang for the buck" with lots of pictures and content.

Anyway, back to the history of this web site and why it runs so fast!

I got an 8088 laptop computer, one of the first laptops available and started plugging in info. About that time, Wayne LaBonte here in Lancaster started a computer BBS that grew into the YankeeNet, that at the time was one of the largest family entertainment BBS networks in the country.

An electronic publishing program had just become available, so I converted the info to that format and uploaded it to the YankeeNet BBS and other BBSs around the country as freeware. A few CD-ROM companies picked it up and included it on their disks.

When Compuserve became available, I uploaded it in the New England travel section, where lurks to this day.

NCIA did a great job of bringing the internet to the Great North Woods, and as soon as server space there became available, I converted the info to HTML and put it there.

They still do a great job of providing internet access, but at 30 bucks a month for 3 megs of space were a little pricey and viewed from the outside, a little slow.

I searched the web for the fastest server available at the best price. As luck would have it, was the best at the time, with 3 T-3 lines, charging 30 bucks a month for 30 megs. It was a good choice as they have grown to over 35 T-3 fiber-optic lines connecting to different hubs of the internet backbone. They are not a local access ISP, concentrating only on building their web site hosting business.

Tabnet also connects directly into the intranets of over a hundred corporations and colleges. The US Navy, General Motors, and over 65,000 businesses and organizations from around the world have their web sites there.

Many folks around the world have slow internet connections, using even 286 computers to connect. Wanting to reach as many people as possible, I keep my sites simple, devoid of frames and unnessecary graphics. This, combined with being on the fastest server in the world makes it load as fast as possible. I have received many comments from visitors about how fast it is.

A few months ago, the state and the four Chambers of Commerce up here developed the Great North Woods tourism region. My other site, was getting to be a little too big, with many items unrelated to the area on it. The time was right to start a new site,

My philosophy is to provide the most information possible with the fastest access possible. I would like this site to become not only a tourist and business info site, but also provide a running history of the area that will remain for future generations to use.

If you have historical, cultural or other info you would like to see on the web, zap it to me, and I'll try to include it.

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If you arrived here stuck in someone else's frames...use this link to break free!
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