The Great North Woods is the northern most region of New Hampshire. You can enjoy a huge selection of activities including camping, fishing, hiking, hunting, boating, canoeing, fine dining and theater, snowmobiling, biking, and a LOT more! Scroll down this page or click on the categories above to get started!

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 Click here to see many pictures of the Lombard Log Hauler and Model-T snowmobiles!

Link to the Lombard Log Hauler and Model T Snowmobile Section

The Lombard was used in the Great North Woods and elsewhere in the early 1900s to haul logs out of the woods.

Click here to see more pictures of the Northern Lights. May might be a big month to see more of this yourself in the middle of the night. The Great North Woods is an excellent place to come for this 22 year event!

Link to Colebrook New Hampshire Winter Carnival

Colebrook Winter Carnival Index

The Great North Woods region of northern NH, VT and ME is an economically depressed area compared to much of the rest of the states they are in.

With President Bush's tax cut, the average family of four will be allowed to keep another $2000 of their hard earned dough.

Please come up, over or down to here to spend some of it! Which is more fun? Sending it to Washington for the bureaucrats to parcel out bit by bit in grants and other means, skimming off their megga expenses or spending it yourself, helping to employ folks here?  
(Ed's note on the below: There is safe parking at the various lodgings advertised on this site... Click to the Lodging section listed above. Also there is a pay for parking place that should be safe near the Nash Stream Road.)

I hope this info provided here to you can be passed on to others that may visit this area. Unfortunately it is not good news. While utilizing the parking lot at Nash Stream (which we hoped would be a good day of riding and it was!) the return to our vehicles in the lot was much a surprise. We returned after a long day of riding, 12 people, only find that our vehicles were broken into. Personnal belonging and snowmoblie accessories were taken from 5 trucks. We are talking about tool boxs to sled cover, gas cans, injection oil etc...
After discussing this incident with locals it was brought to our attention that this happens frequently.

This is very unfortunate to the local businesses in the area, they suffer the lost of revenue and disappointing to snowmobilers because we can not enjoy a day of snowmobiling without worry about our belongings. If we can some how, maybe via this website, pass along a few words about securing belongings to whom may visit the Nash Stream area and maybe asking the local Police to patrol the parking lot as often as possible this may help change the reputation of the area...
Hope this will change. It is just terrible that a few can ruin a good thing...
Regards Jim

Joe and Elena Gott of the Lancaster Motor Inn toasting in the new year. 

Joe and Lena of the Lancaster Motor Inn toasted in the New year and wish you all happiness and prosperity!

Picture of sledding at New Years Eve in Lancaster, New Hampshire

Click here to see more of New Years Eve in Lancaster, NH

Winter rock Crawling in Lancaster!

Bring your 4X4! Try our trail... First obstacles in front of the town hall.

Click here for more...Also...

Charlie and Donna Jordan just did a great story on this fountain and some other monuments. Be sure to pick up a copy of Northern New Hampshire Magazine for this and other interesting stuff... like the story on the Prophet of Mount Washington and a LOT more!

Picture of a coyote.

A coyote looking for some grub. (Food to you city folks). You may notice we have plenty of snow. Come and enjoy! We even have restaurants for you to eat in so you don't have to forage in the snow at 8 degrees F. and at 2:30 AM.

Stump The Hummer 2000 Pictures are now up! Click here!

Watch the Calendar section for Stump the Hummer 2001 info!

"Those who beat their swords into plowshares

usually end up plowing for those who didn't."

Ben Franklin

Link to Also: Link to Routes section of

"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little
temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."

- Benjamin Franklin

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You'll find the Great North Woods web site and another of my sites, weaving together.

Some of this is for technical reasons, much because it makes sense for some parts of the sites to be linked together.

They are on different servers at opposite ends of the country. One of the reasons for this is redundancy in the event of communication problems.
Winter is "Catch Up Time". I have taken several thousand pictures over the spring through fall of 2000. Now I'm going into "hole up" phase and will be finally getting them up on the sites over the winter. navigates by auto routes within and beyond the Great North Woods region of northern New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine.

For instance, you can see what is on routes two or three in the region and beyond.

Both sites are constantly being improved and expanded, come back often to check them out!

Link to Routes section of

About this guide about the Great North Woods of New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine.

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