The Great North Woods is the northern most region of New Hampshire. You can enjoy a huge selection of activities including camping, fishing, hiking, hunting, boating, canoeing, fine dining and theater, snowmobiling, biking, and a LOT more! Scroll down this page or click on the categories above to get started!

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 Winter 1999 - 2000


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Beaver Trails Campground - Lancaster - right on the Connecticut River

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Bill Weeks Property for Rent - Whitefield

Carpet Barn - Lancaster - Also tile, wallpaper, etc.

Dimmitt and Sons Gun Shop - Lancaster - Guns and ammo, reloading supplies

Bayview Bed & Breakfast - Dummer 

Waterwheel Breakfast, Lunch and Gift House Jefferson 

Blueberry Hill Bed & Breakfast - Stratford

Garneau's Garage, Twin Mountain - Ski-doo Snowmobiles, Wells Cargo Trailers, Cooper Tires

Kilkenny Building Center, Lancaster - all your building and renovation needs here.

Kimball Hill Inn - Whitefield - A Bed & Breakfast with a great view.

Lancaster Motor Inn - Right in the middle of it all.

Marshall Insurance - Lancaster - Your Coverage needs here.

Mountain Lake Campground - Lancaster - Teepee, Cabins and Yurts too.

Munce's Superior Lubricants - Berlin/Gorham

North Country ATV Club - Trails to ride on

Real Estate in the Great North Woods

Twin Maples Bed & Breakfast - Lancaster - Also Depression Glassware.

Twin Mountain Snowmobile Club Index - Trails and more.

Napa Auto Parts - Lancaster

CMW Emporium - Lancaster Not just a store, but an experience

North Country 4X4 - Lancaster - Snowmobiles, ATVs, Boats, Trailers, Canoes


We went up for the beginning of Snodeo . As we drove up the road we wondered if there would be enough snow. There wasn't any question when we got there. The Diamond Pond area is a whole different climate. They are still buried in snow and more was falling!

Click here to see a panorama of some of it.

March 3rd and 4th: 7th Annual Sno-Deo at Coleman State Park in Stewartstown, NH by the Swift Diamond Riders Snowmobile Club . It is accessible by car (Off Route 26) or snow machine (Off Corridors 5 and 18).

The SnoDeo featured the following events: Antique Snow Machine Display and Contest, Antique Snow Machine Parade, Radar Run, Groomer Display, Vendors - Special Sales and Savings, Safety Display - NH Fish & Game Department. E-mail for more info:

2000 Colebrook Winter Carnival


Picture of David Pendleton, Preacher of the Lancaster Congregational Church standing in his driveway holding a snow shovel and waving. The Lancaster Motor Inn in the background

Well, we FINALLY have SNOW! There's David Pendleton on the left, Preacher of the Lancaster Congregational Church enjoying the day. (Sunday, January 16, 2000)

Now that we have plenty of snow the Great North Woods has become THE place to be this winter!

Be sure to check the
Lodging section to reserve a room!
Snowmobiling in the Great North Woods on February 6, 2000. This is on the old Kilkenny Railroad trail in Lancaster next to a beaver pond. There's a fellow in the background having fun on the ice on his ATV. Picture of snowmobilers on a trail next to a beaver dam in the Great North Woods region of northern New Hampshire
Picture of folks on an ATV on the ice of a beaver dam in Lancaster, New Hampshire with the Kilkenny Mountains in the background. The folks on ATVs "clearing the snow" on the beaver pond in Lancaster. The Kilkenny mountains in the background.
Leaving the beaver pond to head off on the trail. Picture of an ATV rider climbing the bank from the beaver dam up to the snowmobile trail with some folks on snowmobiles waiting to talk with them.
Picture of some folks on snowshoes on the edge of the beaver dam admiring the view of the mountains. Perfect for snowshoeing too! The snowmobile trails make it easy to get to the "outback" where you can then strike off to the real boonies.

A word to the wise! If you do something stupid like hiking unprepared off into the boonies and require a rescue, you will now be BILLED for the cost of removing your hide from the woods or mountains!
The webmaster (me) after an afternoon of snowshoeing and picture taking. The lawn chair makes getting in and out of the snowshoe bindings easier. That type of binding (racing bindings) gives you better control of the snowshoes. They are a pain to get on and off though.

The evening (and night until 3:30 AM) after the picture on the right was taken I finally got the
1999 Blessing of the Bikes done! Click on the link or the picture to check it out and see why the folks below are smiling!

Picture of 2 happy folks at the 1999 Blessing of the Bikes and link to that section of the web site.
 Picture of the webmaster, Ed Sanders sitting in a lawn chair getting ready to remove his snowshoes.
On February 6th we have probably about two feet of snow. The snowmobiling, snowshoeing, ATV riding and skiing are GREAT now!

Below is Cyndy clearing snow as some of the artificial wildlife looks on.
Picture of Cyndy clearing snow in Lancaster, NH with a pink flamingo looking on. 

More artificial wildlife strolling in the snow.

Picture of 2 pink flamingos in the snow in Lancaster, NH. 
A few weeks ago I stumbled on a rare book about Camp Diamond on Damond Pond. I toiled all weekend scanning it in and OCRing for your enjoyment. While the contents of this book aren't everyone's "cup of tea", many of you will be taken with it. Click here or on the title to the right to go to the beginning.

Picture of the title of Camp Diamond Story with a link to that section of the web site.

They have snow over in Dummer! A cross country skiier enjoying it next, below.

Picture of a cross country skiier in the Great North Woods region of northern New Hampshire.

Photo by Norm Charest of the Bayview B&B

Picture of the crowd in Lancaster gathering for a group picture.

It was mighty cold out, but the citizens of Lancaster turned out for the last chance at a group picture in the 20th century. I believe that's Jill Brooks in the window of the second floor of the Lancaster National Bank taking the picture.

The Famous iron horse looking over the scene.

Picture of the crowd in Lancaster getting ready for a group picture. The famous Iron Horse, created by a sculpter from Lyndonville Vermont in the foreground.

Picture of Jill Brooks taking the picture from the second floor of the Lancaster National Bank.

Later on the eve of the New Year there was a skating party at the rink in the park next to the Congregational Church, scrabble battles in the library and an art show at the Main Street gallery.

Another picture of kids skating
Picture of kids skating at the Lancaster, New Hampshire millenium celebration at night with the Congregational church in the background.
Picture of Gina Hamilton in the art gallery.  Gina Hamilton, Executive Director of the Lancaster Main Street Program in the Gallery. The paintings and sculptures created by local artists are available for perusal and/or purchase at the gallery.

Photos in the section next below by Norm Charest of the Bayview B&B

Speed at Pontook!

A snowmobile on the Pontook at high speed with a rooster tail of snow being thrown up behind it.

Pontook snowmobiling

Close - up of a green Arctic Cat snowmobile and rider on the Pontook.

A cozy fishing shanty (or bob house) on the Pontook.

Picture of a fishing shanty on the Pontook at a distance. An expanse of snow and ice in the foreground, mountains and deep blue sky in the background

Ice fishing at the Pontook

Picture of an ice fisherman on the Pontook crouching by the hole in the ice with his equipment set up.

Two Major Items!

These two books are perfect companions. I highly recommend getting both and reading them together.

Paul Doherty has about 80 copies left of "Smoke From A Thousand Campfires". It's out of print, so when they're gone, they're GONE. He's willing to sell them for just $50 plus $2.50 for postage. The 440 page illustrated hardcover book has already become a collectors' item. The first edition sold out in 6 weeks. The bookstores didn't get any until it was reprinted. You can send a check to: Paul Doherty at Box 271, Gorham, NH 03581. Just for the heck of it, tell him the guy with the Great North Woods web site sent you to him. If you ask real nice, he might even be convinced to autograph a copy for you!  Spiked Boots is in print again! This is a great tale of the river drives and other interesting stories in the Great North Woods of Northern New Hampshire!

Click here to read some excerpts and see a picture from Spiked Boots to whet your appetite.

Click here to reserve your copy today!

Diamond Pond December, 1999

Picture of Diamond Pond taken in mid December 1999 by Diane Drew of the Swift Diamond Riders Snowmobile Club Picture of Diamond Pond in Stewartstown, NH

1999 Lancaster Olde Tyme Christmas Click here to go there. 12/03/1999


"Those who beat their swords into plowshares

usually end up plowing for those who didn't."

Ben Franklin

Articles, pictures and links to articles will be added here as the month goes on. This is becoming sort of a monthly magazine format that evolves as events happen.

You might like to look back at the
Summer 1999 and September 1999 October 1999 issues to see what's been going on.
Would you like to sponsor something special that will get a lot of folks looking at it? A web cam that will look at the top of Mount Washington, Mount Prospect in Lancaster, the mountains of Vermont and Main Street, Lancaster. Graphics and links to your ads will surround the picture which will be updated throughout each day. E-mail me for info:

"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little
temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."

- Benjamin Franklin

Flash! 01/28/2000 - A major fire in downtown St. Johnsbury, VT. Click here or on the picture below to see more.

Picture of fire in St. Johnsbury, VT and link to more pictures.
  Click on the Summer 1999 section to see the beginning of the New Hampshire primary in the Great North Woods Region. You'll also find an interesting camp, an iron horse and a couple of houses moving among other interesting things. Scroll below to see new stories and links as I add them. 

You'll find the Great North Woods web site and another of my sites, weaving together.

Some of this is for technical reasons, much because it makes sense for some parts of the sites to be linked together.

They are on different servers at opposite ends of the country. One of the reasons for this is redundancy in the event of communication problems.


If there are storms or other natural disasters, that interrupt one server, try the other.

We'll try to get info about the area out as long as we can if things are going haywire with phone lines, electricity, etc.

This summer we were able to get pictures and info on what was causing a power outage before power was restored by using out laptop and deep cycle battery bank.

This winter could be interesting as there will be a solar cycle peak. navigates by auto routes within and beyond the Great North Woods region of northern New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine.

For instance, you can see what is on routes two or three in the region and beyond.

Both sites are constantly being improved and expanded, come back often to check them out!

Link to Routes section of

Folks from Lancaster gathered on Main Street on the last day of the last millenium for a group picture.

Picture of a main street, Lancaster on December 31, 1999 at 3PM as people gather for a group picture of folks from Lancaster.

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You might like to check out my other web sites: - Areas beyond the Great North Woods - Politics, Opinions, History, and a lot of miscellaneous stuff

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