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greatnorthwoods.org - Summer 1999

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The Great North Woods is the northern most region of New Hampshire. You can enjoy a huge selection of activities including camping, fishing, hiking, hunting, boating, canoeing, fine dining and theater, snowmobiling, biking, and a LOT more! Scroll down this page or click on the categories above to get started!

The New Hampshire Presidential Primary season is heating up!

Senator McCain of Arizona was in the Great North Woods on August 31, 1999.


Here he is in Lancaster at the gazebo on Courthouse Square answering a voter's question.

And beside his bus and link to his web site.

Check back later for more pictures.

Bill Bradley was in town on Monday August 30 for a cup of coffee and to shake some hands.

Bill Bradley and Frank Savage in front of Frank's restaurant in Lancaster on the right.

He went on to Groveton to meet the State Champion basketball team, speechify a little and present a copy of his book to the school.

Next was Berlin in the Northern Forest Heritage Park.

Check back later for more pictures.

Part of the Great North Woods on the move! Many more pictures to follow! I've got a few done, click here to see them.

The house with the black roof went from Main Street to the Brooks development north of the Armory on Route 3, the white house a couple of blocks up North Main Street (route 3).


Panorama of 1999 Powwow at the Shrine in Columbia NH

1999 Powwow at the Shrine of Our Lady of Grace Click here or on the picture to check it out!



What's up the ramp? Click here or on the picture to find out!

The contents section is a good way to navigate this site, but also scroll down below to see what's going on.

prison cell in concord off truck

What links Berlin, in the Great North Woods of northern NH and Concord, NH? Click here to find out!

Cowboys camping in the Great North Woods?

Click on the picture or here to find out why!

 Link to Routes section of www.allroutes.to


What's this horse doing in the middle of Lancaster? What's he made of, who made him, and how did he get here? Keep checking back, when I get the time I'll do a section on the web site with pictures and story.


When You visit the Great North Woods, see if you can find this critter!


Click for Whitefield, New Hampshire Forecast
Click for Berlin, New Hampshire Forecast

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www.edsanders.com - Politics, Opinions, History, and a lot of miscellaneous stuff

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